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an abstract painting with blue and red colors
Γουναρόπουλος Γεώργιος-Θαλασσινό
a painting of some white rocks in front of a large building with ruins on it
Προκοπίου Γεώργιος-Φώς και ρυθμός, 1928
a painting of yellow and white flowers with red butterflies on them in water by the shore
Μητσέα-Μαλάμου Ιωάννα-Μαργαρίτες και παπαρούνες
a drawing of white roses in a vase
Μαθιόπουλος Παύλος-Τριαντάφυλλα
a painting of white and blue flowers in a vase on a brown tablecloth background
Μπισκίνης Δημήτριος-Λουλούδια
a painting of a man holding a lantern
Πελεκάσης Δημήτριος-Καλόγερος ανάβοντας την καντήλα
a painting of a white horse with a brown frame on it's back side
Ροϊλός Γεώργιος-Άλογο, 1898-1903
a painting of an alleyway with buildings and a person holding an umbrella in the foreground
Πλακωτάρης Κώστας-Δρόμος στη Νάουσα, 1958
a painting of an old building in the middle of some rocks and grass with mountains in the background
Λάντσας Βικέντιος-Παρθενώνας
an oil painting of the ocean with clouds in the sky above it and blue water below
Βανδώρος Σπύρος-Κυκλαδίτικο μελτέμι, 1938
a painting of two men working on a boat
Βελισσαρίδης Γιώργος-Το βάψιμο του καϊκιου, 1951
a painting of roses in a blue vase
Αργυρού-Λυμπέρ Τζένη-Άνθη τριανταφυλλιάς
a painting of a boat floating in the water
Τσόκλης Κώστας
an abstract painting with red, yellow and blue colors
Ατέρμον Πεδίον, 1992 Στάμος Θεόδωρος