Mariam Iliadi
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''Some people will never understand how much I love my dog, but that's ok. MY DOG KNOWS!

The sad thing is.I don't think I show even a millionth of what my dog shows me. And I love her to the Moon and back. She knows I love her but even I don't know how to show it describe how much! But she does know she's well lived.

Be the voice,protector of the voiceless and helpless!...ABSOLUELY!!!! IF U AGREE SHARE WITH EVERYONE IN UR CONTACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be the voice,protector of the voiceless and helpless! Share if your truly against animal cruelty and and want to pass on the message.

I love coming home to my puppy! Who can ever have a bad day with this face staring back at you!

Bucket List: Never take his furry muzzle, wet nose, and warm licks for granted. Can't believe my baby is already (p. this is not my dog in the picture.