Kimolos island, a small but beautiful island in the Cyclades, Greece

This is my Greece | Kimolos island 50 or 60 years ago

The photo was taken by Chrousaki, 50 or 60 years ago. Kimolos is an island in Aegean Sea in Greece.

Kimolos, Cyclades, Greece

Cycladia’s Kimolos travel guide will take you to the most famous and the most secret places of Kimolos Island.


Kimolos Island Kimolos was called "Argentiera" by the Venetians, and takes its name from the Greek word Kimolia, Which Means chalk. Both names recall the white rocks of the Island

A colourful store in Kimolos Island

A colourful store in Kimolos Island - Greece

Kimolos Prassa beach

Kimolos Island is the volcanic, mountainous island by means of white cliffs as well as roads is an ideal getaway for all those who desire a little peace and

Destinations of Greece: Kimolos Island

Kimolos ( Κίμωλος) it is located North East of the island of Milos , separated by the strait of Kimolos , and more gene .