Greek Islands - Sporades
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several people dressed in costumes walking down a cobblestone street
goat dance
Dionysian goat dance festival of carnival, Island Of Skyros, Greece
the water is crystal blue and clear with people walking on the beach next to it
Our hearts live on Skyros, a small Greek island.
a small village on top of a hill with mountains in the background and water below
Skyros Island, Sporades, Aegean Sea, Greece ☀️
people are on the beach with umbrellas and boats in the water near a hill
GREECE CHANNEL | Skyros. The largest of the Sporades islands,
a lake surrounded by trees and mountains with some rocks in the water on one side
Σκύρος | Δήμος Σκύρου | Δήμοι Εύβοιας | Εύβοια
Atsitsa Beach, Northern Skyros, GREECE
the water is crystal blue and clear with rocks on it's sides, along with pine trees
Agalipa, Skyros island.
a map of the philippines with all major cities and their respective rivers in green, on a white background
Folk Costume of Skyros Island.. Greek History, Greek Outfit, Greek Traditional Dress, Greek Independence, 19th Century Clothing, Outdoor Oven, Greek Culture
National Geographic Image Collection
Folk Costume of Skyros Island..
several boats are docked in the water near some mountains and snow covered hills behind them
The nicest beaches and hotels on the island of Skyros in Greece, pictures and information, beaches, nature, car rental
a white building with purple flowers on the outside
a city with white buildings and blue water in the background, on top of a hill
a small church on the side of a cliff with a cross hanging from it's roof