Μαρία Τάδε

Μαρία Τάδε

Μαρία Τάδε
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He: "Would you like to learn to Tango Darlin? " She: "I might make a mistake" He: "No mistakes in the Tango, Darlin. Not like life. That's what makes the Tango so great, you make a mistake, you get all tangled up, you just Tango on . Tango on.

tango by Daniele Errico on 500px

To dance with Passion, you can only do it with an open heart, with feelings.your body passionately flowing with the rhythm of the music. Dance is like Life: you let it flow and use your feelings & instinct for the best performance.

“  Tango Feet   ”   by  David Rile

“ Lovers ” “ Tango Feet ” by David Riley Thank you Galapourdali for this wonderful image. Do you think this image will de-FEET you?