Traditions of Easter in #Corfu, #Greece /  by Spiros Papavlasopoulos

Traditions of Easter in Corfu. Dropping of "botides" – ceramic pots full of water – from upper-story windows onto the cobblestone streets of the island on Holy Saturday morning after the first Resurrection service. Greece / by Spiros Papavlasopoulos

Easter Pot smashing, in Corfu, Greece!

“Good morning All., Saturday morning Easter celebrations in Corfu -- dropping ceramic pots of water on to the street .

Greek Easter Bread

It's Greek Easter

My first one was made by my 11 year old daughter. The sweet bread (Tsoureki) made for Paska (Easter) along with the red hard boiled eggs is a Greek tradition and wonderful.

Pot throwing - Traditional Easter celebration of #Corfu!

Combine Greek Easter Tradition with Greek Easter. Try Kayak Tsoureki Ice Cream!

#Corfu Old Town

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Easter celebration in #Corfu!

Easter celebration in