Shugaa - Room for Dessert was completed recently by the Thai studio party / space / design. The Shugaa is the french style of delicate dessert

att3b introverso 2 vase paolo ulian moreno ratti

Vase Introverso 2 par Paolo Ulian et Moreno Ratti - Journal du Design

att6b patricia urquiola

Budri and Patricia Urquiola’s Earthquake Collection Reuses Materials Damaged in the 2012 Italian Quake

staircase Shugaa

Shugaa Eatery, by party / space / design. Enlarged to massive proportions, the interior represents the various molecules and crystals that compose the desserts' primary ingredient.

Inspirational designer: MORENO RATTI

Moreno Ratti is a designer of the younger generation who indulges in one sole material and devotes his work to it, and the material he has chosen to h.

Moreno Ratti - Paolo Ulian

Little Gerla Marble Vases By Paolo Ulian And Moreno Ratti

sospesa6 1400

moreno ratti suspends carrara marble in resin

Is design set in stone?

Is design set in stone?

A tube light FINAL 1400x1000

The clean white finish and veined pattern of Carrara marble makes this tube light a beautiful feature both on or off. Finished at each end with bands of brushed brass, complemented by a pair of matching ceiling rose, the Marble Tube light hangs from t

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