A series of incredible photographs showing more than 150 lost World War Two aircraft on th...

Stunning pictures reveal hundreds of World War Two aircraft

Underwater graveyard of hundreds of World War II planes lost and forgotten for over 70 years on the Pacific Ocean seabed.

Key dates of World War 2 - instead of December 7 on Pearl Harbor, this graphic shows it as December 8 - it would have been December 8 for Japan thanks to the International Date Line.

key: world war 2 30 Graphics That Explain the Last 100 Years. Great set of graphics to teach history with.

Η γραπτή αναφορά του αποτέλεσε μοναδικό ντοκουμέντο για τα εγκλήματα των Ναζί.

A strange and lonely hero, SS Officer Kurt Gerstein who tried to save Jews