Dimitris Margelos

Dimitris Margelos

Dimitris Margelos
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Some friends touch your heart in a way you never erase...  I miss youuuuuuuuuu .....

I miss you Mobile Screensavers disponible para su descarga gratuita.


He's my person && my soul mate! Love that we fell in love on accident.our story is absolutely great (Relationship Quotes)

Girl with Tattoo

Girl with Tattoo

Hugs, hug for you, cute pictures

Big hugs for free quotes

Elske: you light up my life

radiantlyrecover-ed: “Choose recovery

(Source) You are not ruined. You are not worthless. You are not invaluable. You are not a lost cause. You are not beyond repair.

Να  το θυμάσαι  εσυ ........ αυτό γιατί θα είναι για πάντα  οσα χρόνια και να περάσουν

greek quotes image on We Heart It

Ooh... that seems a little naughty doesn't it????

But my man made me happy with tears of joy. And he never ask me for sex, cause he's touch averse. :(( He's still a real man to me.

Sweet, loving gesture...

I get one every single morning.

Sweet Good Morning Messages for Him