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Marcella Aprile, Roberto Collovà, Francesco Venezia, Small open air Theatre in Salemi, 1986 Alberto Morell, The Dalton House, Kenya, 2015 > thanks to Francesco Testa

atelierbranco: “ Alberto Morell, The Dalton House, Kenya In a very natural African context, Alberto Morell has inserted a strongly geometrical construction that relates solely to the Indian Ocean.

House for Trees // Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Trees grow on top of five concrete boxes, like oversized pot plants, by Vietnamese studio Vo Trong Nghia Architects

The resorts in Trøndelag are often crowded – in the water, that is. Fishing enthusiasts can rest assured that there is more than enough fish for every visitor.

Easter is on its way, and the best pictures of the week gives us a mixture of sun, ocean and the snow doing its silent retreat in large parts of the country.

Ivar Aasen-tunet - Sverre Fehn  Ørsta, Norway

it just sits in the landscape! something added to make you appreciate the surroundings even more!

Like: darquitectura

archatlas: “ Sverre Fehn’s Hedmark Museum Hélène Binet The Hedmark Museum, also known as the Storhamar Barn, is one of Fehn’s best known works and unique in Norwegian post-war architecture.

architecture norway | The Ivar Aasen Centre by Sverre Fehn

The Ivar Aasen Centre at Ørsta by Sverre Fehn, a museum and a cultural centre for Nynorsk language, sets up new relationships in historical ground. Arkitektur N asked Are Carlsen to document the building and its rich and diverse cultural life.

The Architecture of the Ivar Aasen Centre - Nynorsk Kultursentrum

Gorgeous - like a mountain turned into a building. Architecture photographs of the year revealed. Exteriors: Ivar Aasen Centre - photographed by Sverre Fehn.