I've always wanted to go to Greece, Chania on the island of Crete. I love seeing places lit up beautifully like these buildings!

Ierapetra Creta Greece

Ierapetra, Crete, Greece - Beautiful city on the island Crete with a wonderful beach. Awesome holiday I spent with a good friend =)

Limni Mpeletsi (Beletsi Lake)- Ippokrateios Politeia- Parnitha

Limni Mpeletsi (Beletsi Lake)- Ippokrateios Politeia- Parnitha



Ioannina Greece

Ioannina and the village of the lake - ioannina, Greece

White Tower of Thessaloniki-Lefkos Pyrgos

Greece is a country that is located in Southern Europe. Athens, which is the largest city, is its capital.

Agia Sofia

Criticism: The group criticised Lego's design saying it resembles the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, one of the world's most recognisable mosques.