Maria Hadjiandreou

Maria Hadjiandreou

Athens Greece / Love pictures--like combination of colours-reading-learning-creating,organizing,
Maria Hadjiandreou
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Nigellan Flatbread

It's not hard, and although I love some of the flatbreads you can buy, it gives me more pleasure to make these.

Ukrainian Garlic Bread - Pampushky

Ask someone in Britain or America what they think about eastern European food and you'll probably hear something about grim Soviet restaurants, gloopy stews or boiled potatoes. Luckily, Ukrainian chef Olia Hercules is on a mission to change all that.

Martha Stewart's Giant Kitchen Sink cookie batter

These giant chocolate chip cookies will put to use the many odd bags of nuts, dried fruit, oats, and coconut flakes cluttering the cupboards.

Tartine's potato-crusted quiche with herbs

In any incarnation — made with a flaky, buttery pastry shell, without a crust altogether, or with this potato crust — the Tartine quiche is a treat.

baked semolina gnocchi

Baked Semolina Gnocchi Casserole is the perfect Italian casserole for those times when you're craving something homemade. This cheesy casserole recipe features homemade gnocchi that is made with Parmesan cheese and lemon juice.

Simple chicken tacos

Pin for Later: 20 Chicken Thigh Recipes That Prove Dark Meat Is Superior Simple Chicken Tacos Get the recipe: simple chicken tacos