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a bench sitting in front of a large white building with palm trees on the side
Istanbul - Dolmabahce Palace
a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room with red carpeted stairs
Baccarat crystal bannisters of the horseshoe shaped Crystal Staircase, Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul.
tables and chairs are lined up on the sidewalk
Foça Karasi Cafe - Foça, İzmir, Turkey
a boat floating on top of a lake next to a forest filled with purple flowers
Kaunos, Daylan, Turkey
the ruins of ancient greek city ephes with statues and trees in the foreground
Library of
Ephesus, Izmir, Turkey
the ocean is blue and green with purple flowers in bloom on the rocks near the shore
Ağva Beach, Istanbul, Turkey
a white building with blue windows and a windmill on the roof next to some water
Bodrum Turkey
two large boats are docked in the water near some buildings and bridge over looking the ocean
Official Travel Guide of Türkiye - GoTürkiye
ღღ Istanbul, Turkey
an aerial view of a city with red roofs and water in the backround
Ah Güzel İstanbul
Galata Tower Istanbul - By Yıldırım İncealemdaroğlu
four boats are lined up on the beach
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The beach at Fethiye, Turkey • photo by Ali Kabas
an aerial view of the city and harbor with boats in the water, including old buildings
The Painted Bench
Istanbul, Turkey
the road is lined with pink flowers and greenery on either side of the house
there are many boats in the water through a stone window pane that is looking out onto the ocean
Kas, Kaleköy, sailing ships and fortress
Kas, Turkey
an old church surrounded by tall grass and flowers in the foreground, with blue sky above
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Lake Van, Akdamar island, Turkey
an aerial view of some buildings and people walking down the street in front of them
Safranbolu houses