Fav thing about being in the car on road trips. Some days I miss her so much. I've honestly never loved another person as much as I love her.

The good life

Sometimes all you need is each other and the stars above you, give her a romantic necklace to make it a night she'll never forget.I love watching stars alone in night ❤❤

Amazing Powder Dance Photography by Geraldine Lamanna. Not sure if this goes better on my photography board, or dance....

Inspired by Adele's hit single Rolling in the deep, German photographer Geraldine Lamanna has created a beautiful Powder Dance series. Set against a black back drop, the photographer has captured the.

greek quotes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Truth and freedom are demanding mistresses; that is why they have few lovers"

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In this image it would be hard to tell where it is taken from without the reflection of the street light. The image overall has a yellow tone from it from the street light. The puddle gives a good reflection of the light post

Δεν θα αντεξω να ΣΕ χασω!!

Δεν θα αντεξω να ΣΕ χασω!!

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