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the back of a dress showing how to sew a perfect round hem
How to Sew a Round Hem
How to sew a round hem #sewing #tips #technique
a spool of thread with the words how to wind and thread a bobbin the correct way
How to Thread & Wind a Bobbin for Beginners - MindyMakes
How to Thread & Wind a Bobbin for Beginners - MindyMakes
two hands with purple nail polish on their nails and the words how to sew spandex
How to Sew Spandex
a close up of a sewing machine with buttons
80 Clever Sewing Hacks and Professional Tips - Really Good Ideas
sewing hacks that are pure genius
13 Sewing Hacks that are Pure Genius
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a dress on a mannequin with the words how to add butterfly sleeves to any top
How To Add Butterfly Sleeves To A Top Or Dress | So Sew Easy
Have a dress or top you wished it had sleeves? Now you can following this easy tutorial on how to add butterfly sleeves. #soseweasy #sewingtutorial #butterflysleeves #sleeves #patternaking
four towels laid out on the floor to be used as bibs for babies and toddlers
34 Easy DIY Ideas for Old Towels
the words just right, too tight and too loose are written in white on red fabric
Seam Puckering Problem in Garments
the sewing machine is stitching threads on it's side with red thread
Thread Tension
a woman standing in front of a door
Tip: One-Person Hem-Marking Device - Threads
a red and white checkered fabric with the words why sewing machine thread bunches up and how to fix it
How to Fix Sewing Machine Thread Bunching Up - Itchin' for some Stitchin'
someone is making a quilt with the words square up your fabric perfectly every time
How to Square Up Fabric for Cutting
a red and white table cloth with the words how to make boxed corners on it
How to Sew Boxed Corners
Learn the simple sewing technique for giving a flat piece of fabric boxed corners to fit over tables, cushions and more!
someone ironing fabric on top of a table next to a sewing machine with the words, step 1 fold each your fabric pieces in half and use sides to find your center
NO CUT - NO TRIM Block-in-a-Block FREE Pattern!