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Little miniature houses….they are so cute. Ofcourse houses and homes they are my passion so can I resist not buying these little ones??? The houses are handmade and created of scrap wood and shaped into little peaked houses. They sure would look great in a home, so if you are hooked like I
Weihnachten, oder das ganze Jahr über. Aus alten Holzklötzen eine kleine leuchtende Wohnsiedlung bauen. Holz+Kerzen+Bohrer+Stichsäge.
Cat Tail-up (CAT01S) Amazing unique wood art by artists John and Martha Barrow. Each wooden sculpture is made of Amazonian Ishpingo wood (Scientific name: Amburana Ceará) that is crafted by hand and is colored using natural dyes. Learn more at:
Peruvian Wood Sculpture, 'Autumn Tree' - Handmade Zollera
Intarsia Goldfish
Tree in Autumn from @NOVICA, They help #artisans succeed worldwide.
Buy Wholesale and save on Crown Unfinished Cutout, Wooden Shape, Paintable Wooden MDF DIY Craft
utekök spis - Google-haku
Yemina Serodino: Cabideiro Medio Mais