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How to fix broken makeup. May be the best pin I've ever found. Do you know how many expensive foundations & eye shadows i have thrown away?!

How to fix broken makeup - Pour a few teaspoons of rubbing alcohol over the cracked make-up. Stir and break up the chunks until all the makeup is dissolved. Set out on a flat surface overnight. The alcohol dries up and you’re left with fresh makeup.


Breastfeeding tattoo with kid's names. I LOVE this! Most likely will get this in the near future but I want to add water colors!

This would definitely be in my playbook if I was considering a tattoo.

Have a girl under the tree reading a book, but the Harry potter symbol in the trunk of the tree, make one of the branches into the mortal instrument symbol, and have a bird turn into the mockingjay, and have the quote "I am selfish. I am brave"