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a quote that says, when you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you
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two dancers with their feet in the air, one is wearing ballet shoes and the other has
athletic apparel + technical clothing | lululemon
Dance is what I want to do ..
a ballerina in a tutu with a quote about her performance
This is why we dance✔
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santa clause saying i have to do actual work at work today? ho hod the f k up
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a pink poster with the words 5 things to tell yourself before dance class
Holly Alexandria Prince
That's me!!° Choreography, Just Dance
Dance Problems.
That's me!!°
an orange background with the words thanks - to - dance i spend more time at the studio than at home
So true !!
a person jumping up in the air with a quote above it that says you know you're a dancer when you can't sit still for too long or else you get uncomfortableable
You know you're a dancer when... on We Heart It
you know you're a dancer when - Google Search
a drawing of a woman's feet with the words dance written in black and white
Dance Quotes
Dancer for a life √
the text reads, 25 how endless hours of work all comes down to 3 minutes on stage
Yep! Work your little dancer tushy off for that one little moment. To anyone else, you r crazy, to dancers, its worth it.
an advertisement for a dance company
Yes my splits hurt. Yes my pre pointes hurt. And yes I can hold an arabesque for nearly a minute in the correct position an make my self look beautiful but even though it hurts you will know if your a true artist if you continue to dance! ⬆ By: Me Emma!
two ballerinas in black leotards and tutu skirts posing for the camera
I feel absolutely fabulous
a woman in white dress sitting on the floor with her feet propped up and wearing ballet shoes
The magic of Ballet..