Maria Bebi

Maria Bebi

“Never trust a shiny surface. They hide a multitude of flaws.”
Maria Bebi
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What "Being a Good Person" really means

Cartoon of a true definition of a good person. "True definition of a good person, is someone who DOES good things. Just because you are religious does not make you a good person. Your ACTION determines if you are good or bad.

NO MORE SECRET ATHEISTS!! How about you keep it a secret if you believe in an invisible sky fairy who grants wishes? Cos that shit is madness.

I'll be the one on my high horse, pinning all the anti-religion, liberal, common sense propaganda I can find.

Religion gives people hope in a world torn apart by religion. #atheist #atheism

Funny pictures about Religion gives people hope. Oh, and cool pics about Religion gives people hope. Also, Religion gives people hope.

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fast-idle: “ Shinji Ohmaki Flotage “constellation - traces in memories” Tokyo, Japan ”