Maria Sakka

Maria Sakka

Greece   ·  “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Follow me on tumblr : bambi-eyes-hazza
Maria Sakka
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Eyelashes tip

The trick to making eyelashes look fake. Apply the first coat of mascara. Get a Q-tip, put some baby powder on it. Apply it to your eyelashes - this separates them really well. Apply as many coats of mascara & repeat applying baby powder.

Too many little girls are raised to view other females as competition so they turn into women that do the same. Lets stop that, huh? Its hurtful. We arent living in a time of scarcity and we all possess a unique beauty. We're human beings first and gender is secondary. Well, most of us are human. Im looking at you, Mitt.

Women in today's society are also so insecure about themselves. Many women see other women as competition. Instead of women being against each other, we need to stand with each other in order to be strong enough to fight for our rights.

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