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birds are flying in the air near the ocean at sunset, with a quote written on it
a dandelion sitting on top of a blue and pink background with words above it
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Tu luz interior podrá con todo
pink flowers with the words cuadro sabes tu valor nadde hacere sentir menos
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Cuando sabes tu valor nadie puede hacerte sentir menos. When you know your value no one can make you feel less. (Español-Spanish quote)
the words are written in spanish on a pink background
Adoro esas personas que están*
the words are written in black and white
🌻Aunque me veas como mentiroso, sé que no lo he sido estoy en paz🌻
the cover of la creativvidad es la intelgencia divitriendose
¡Si señor!
an image of a tree with flowers in the foreground and a quote from vincent van gogh
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#Frases de #VanGogh arte, pintura
yellow sunflowers with the words, la belezza de una flor proviene de sus raices
#frase #loveit #amantedeletras #frasesdeamor #letrasdeamor #letrasbonitas #poemas #amarteypoesia #feliz
a black and white photo with the words, que arquen las luces y en
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