Okay, they need to cross over with either Buffy or Twilight. Either one would make me ECCTATIC.

I Need This Crossover To Happen

I Need This Crossover To Happen. Also, they should do the same for Twilight.I want to see Dean's face when he finds out that the twilight 'vamps' sparkle.

Yup. All the time. Especially with Doctor Who. I don't have the channel, but I have Netflix. And I have to wait SO FRICKIN LONG.

Accurate, only MLP's and OUAT's season finales were satisfying, the rest tore my heart out! Well, so did OUAT, but it at least wrapped a FEW things up.

Even when reading about it, then again in the movie theater.

20 Fans Losing Their Marbles Over Amazing Sports Moments

Or when your favorite character dies in your book or fandom! only if it was with a book or fandom though.

When you desperately need one of them. Just think ur Aleina and u might get that beautiful moment. But then again u don’t need to imagine, u can get up and be happy for ur life because u remember Aleina lost her family and friends and u my luv, still have it.

This is the easiest thing I have ever heard in my life. Why do I have such high standards?

Fuck this he did it because he was abused as a child because of his mothers affair witch he had no control over and because when Michel found out he beat him and made his mom take away what little part of himself was still connected to his birth father and then he was forced to run for centries because Michel wanted him dead and he did it to help protect himself from further pain and torture

Such a Klaus thing to say

The Vampire Diaries- last one should be soul friends or something like that

Wallpaper and background photos of TVD for fans of The Vampire Diaries TV Show images.

Ohhhhhhh Kol he has me freaking dying good looks and he's hilarious

Ohhhhhhh Kol he has me freaking dying good looks and he's hilarious

#TVD 6x13 "The Day I Tried To Live" - Jeremy and Kai

"The Day I Tried To Live" - Jeremy and Kai sooo cute/sweet/nice weird cuz we are talking about Kai