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Some day I want to write a new Patsy Walker Hellcat series that draws heavily on the old insult/humor comics, starring Hedy Wolfe as a diva supervillain.

Comic Girls Say.." What we've got here is..failure to communicate !" #comic #popart #MalcolmSmith

Malcolm Smith is an artist whose painting style derives from romance comics and incorporates bright, bold colours and techniques borrowed from the printing industry.

One of these days sister

" I think she misjudged my feminist stance and my advances towards her . It was just a " an as grab " . No offense really.

Comic Girls Say.. "I'll be smart this time.. I'll not let my feelings show ! #comic #popart #vintage

Comic Girls Say. "I'll be smart this time.

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Whether it's 'conscious uncoupling' or good old fashioned breaking up, there comes a time in the permission marketing process when unsubscription is in .