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an older man standing in front of a group of young children sitting on the ground
Aguaviva (2005) - tt0482884 - esp
the movie poster for uno para todos is shown with children sitting at desks
“Uno para todos” (David Llundain, 2020) con David Verdaguer y Patricia López Arnáiz
a movie poster with the face of a young boy in black and white, as well as words
El Bola (2000), Achero Mañas
the movie poster for algunos dias sin musica, with three children on a bike
Algunos días sin música. DA
the poster for paper birds with two men and a baby sitting in front of them
España - Cartel de Pájaros de papel (2010)
a young boy in a suit and tie with his mouth open, holding something up to his face
faire des hypothèses sur contenu du film, identité du personnage, etc.
three people sitting on a car seat with one person holding a cell phone to his ear
The 13 Most Underrated Romantic Comedies
an image of a highway filled with lots of cars and people on top of it
La La Land (2016)
a group of young boys posing for a photo
Película: Los chicos del coro .
Película: Los chicos del coro . –
a group of young people standing next to each other in front of a man holding a piece of paper
The 50 most stylish films of all time