Classical: Greek 1. Columns used as outer walls. 2. Statues used as columns. 3. Cornice at the top of the statues.

Ancient Greece Lapbook & Unit Study

Ancient Church of Panaghia Kapnikareas - Athens, Greece

ancient Church of Panaghia Kapnikareas in the middle of Athens - century - Byzantine Greece

National Library of Greece, Athens

Woodif Co Photo - National Library, Athens, Greece. No need to guess where this unique library li.

Athens, Greece Το σπίτι με τις Καρυάτιδες στην οδό Ασωμάτων που μάγεψε τον Ανρί Καρτιέ Μπρεσόν και τον Τσαρούχη [εικόνες] |

Athens, Greece The house with caryatids on Asomaton pathway enchanted Henri Cartier-Bresson

Panathenaic Stadiun, Kallimarmaro, Greece. This is where the first modern Olympics were held in 1896

The Panathenaic Stadium also known as the Kallimarmaro (meaning the beautifully marbled) is an athletic stadium in Athens that hosted the first modern Olympic Games in