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SABATON – to release new studio album ‘The Last Stand’ on August 19th!
if you like warfare listen to this epic/power metal band cos god they're so good -.- #sabaton
Sabaton: one of the greatest bands to have ever lived!

Artwork & Fanart

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Hannes Van Dahl of Sabaton 🖤


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Tommy Johansson


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ℱlugornas ℌerre

Chris & Pär

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Hannes & Tommy

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Thobbe and Par

Pär & Thobbe

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Joakim and Chris

Chris & Joakim

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Pär and Joakim. Two idiots :D

Joakim & Pär

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Chris Rörland | Tumblr
Chris Rörland | Tumblr

Chris & Hannes

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Sabaton!! Can't wait to see them in April!
God I love Sabaton <3

Sabaton memes

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Thobbe play with Sabaton
chris rörland - Google zoeken
Thobbe och Chris ..

Chris & Thobbe

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a man with tattoos and sunglasses pointing at the camera
five men in black shirts and camo pants posing for the camera with their fingers up
a man with a moustache on his face is wearing a leather jacket and looking at the camera
two men with long hair and tattoos on their arms, one is holding a microphone to the other's mouth
three men sitting at a table with cell phones in their hands and tattoos on their arms
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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - OCTOBRE 19 : (SOUS EMBARGO JUSQU'au 11/01/2016) Tommy Johansson, Chris Rorland, Joakim Broden, par Sundstrom et Hannes van Dahl de Sabaton posent pour un portrait à Revolution le 19 octobre 2016 à fort Lauderdale, en Floride. Personnes : Tommy Johansson, Chris Rorland, Joakim Broden, par Sundstrom, Hannes van Dahl T Photo Stock - Alamy
a man sitting at a table with his arm wrapped around another person's hand
black and white photo of man in leather jacket
Exclusive Interview with Joakim Broden (Vocals)(Sabaton)
a woman with long hair standing in front of a dark background wearing a leather jacket
a man with a goatee and mustache making the peace sign in front of him
>>Beautiful man - Joakim Brodén<< So cute if you look at that he's a Tank.
a man with long hair and beards singing into a microphone at a music concert
two men with tattoos on their arms singing into microphones
a man with long hair playing an electric guitar on stage at a music festival or concert
two men sitting at a table with cell phones in their hands and one is looking at his phone