Those old recipes from Williamsburg are SO GOOD! Click on pic for link to "History is Served" with an index to colonial recipes

Cook your way through Colonial History with these recipes from Colonial Williamsburg's History is Served Recipes.

Medieval Red Wine Peach Tart

Medieval Red Wine Peach Tart I am SO gonna try this very soon! Just need to substitute a couple things, but other than that.

Survival Hardtack-Hardtack is a dense bread that has minimal water and can last months without modern refrigeration. It is true to its name and has a reputation for being hard as brick. Historically, it has helped armies and sailors make long trips by packing wooden casks with this hard bread.

Survival Hardtack

A medieval rice pudding from an authentic recipe circa 1420. ★★★★

Medieval Food: A Medieval recipe circa 1420 for something like an almond rice pudding.

Victorian Milk Bread - A traditional British bread that’s made with milk and has a soft and velvety texture.

Victorian Milk Bread-A Traditional British bread that's made with milk and has a soft and velvety crumb.

Olde Hansa, medieval themed delicous food, food for any great medieval event!

Olde Hansa, medieval themed restaurant, delicous food, food for any great…

*POMPEII, ITALY ~ Roman civilization 1st century A.D. Wrought iron tripod with…

*POMPEII, ITALY ~ Roman civilization century A. Wrought iron tripod with a terracotta kist. From Pompeii.

Tudor cook-along videos - historic royal palaces

Tartes owt of Lente: Tudor cook-along video - Recreation of a Tudor-era recipe for a tart (or pie, since it's got a top crust) with a filling consisting of items that were prohibited during Lent - hence "out of Lent".