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goddess of depression. Goddess of Depression

Bird Feet TutorialI made these feet for my kenku costume. Here are instructions on how to make your own! [[MORE]] 1. Get ya shoes. I chose these dance shoes because they conform to my foot and the sole is barely visible, plus they are comfortable,...

Bird Costume Tutorial MasterpostHere are a collection of tutorials explaining how I made my Kenku Costume. If you have more questions please check my Kenku Costume FAQ!

Crow/raven masks ~ fuck these are amazing!

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Paper Cosplay Wing Tutorial by ~le-shae on deviantART. Sorry I'm pinning so many wing tutorials, but a friend of mine is planning to dress as Castiel and I might take some tips arts and crafts,Craft,Crafty Madness,Crafty

The Hellequin (Caha) mask tutorial by ~Josumi-kun on deviantART

Mask making The Hellequin (Caha) mask tutorial by ~Josumi-kun on deviantART

Fill Your Home With 45 Delicate DIY Driftwood Crafts - Useful DIY Projects

Fill Your Home With 45 Delicate DIY Driftwood Crafts - Useful DIY Projects

UKKONOOA: Uudet päälliset / DIY Printed Pillow Covers

rowan leaves with black fabric paint and unbleached cotton. I applied the paint on the leaves with a small paintbr

DIY Nature Wall Art - DIY Crafts For Moms This would be cute in shades of red and silver on top * SMART *

My pre-teen daughter does awesome acrylic painting on canvas.Found her another cool DIY Project for her and I to do. Nature walk first (my favorite).Then the SURPRISE of another one of her very talented masterpieces! DIY: Make a Nature Wall Art on Canvas

DIY How To Make A Cloud | Great Idea for Party Decor or Photo Backdrop

DIY: How to make a cloud! Wish I had know this when Nadja asked for a cloud for Xmas, we only came up with a dry ice version. She still has a jar of "condensed" cloud though. The cloud can be suspended from ceiling with light behind

Arya Stark costume ideas

In Game of Thrones, Arya (Maisie Williams) is the youngest daughter of House Stark.