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Marianthi Karafoulidou

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Healthier Chicken Alfredo Pasta | Healthier Chicken Alfredo Pasta

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Bacon-Wrapped Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

These sweet and sticky Chinese BBQ ribs are finger-licking good.


Pardon us as we pick our mouths up off the floor.

Υλικά400 γρ. σοκολάτα κουβερτούρα, ψιλοκομμένη220 γρ. (1 κεσές) γιαούρτι αγελάδος, στραγγιστό130 ml φρέσκο γάλα180 γρ. μπισκότα τύπου digestive, κατά προτίμηση

Between tacos and a quesadilla, what would you choose? It's an all-too-common problem, and one that we personally think you shouldn't have to deal with, ever. Which is why we'd like to propose the following recipe by Food Steez for a cheese tortilla quesadilla. It has all the beloved trimmings of a taco, except they're on top of a quesadilla -- and instead of flour tortillas, you have baked cheese. Salivating yet? Watch the video above and get to it.

Leila is going to be a bird, I'm going to be a tree. Here's my tree costume. This would also work great for a Mother Nature costume