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Not only are some girls afaid to jump in the water, disproving the claim that this is a "girly thing" that all girls do, but a good number of boys aren't afraid of this either, so neither part of this one is correct.

Normal Is Boring -Just Girly Things <3

hey everybody my name is sarah! my favorite things in life our my friends, starbucks coffee, and the beach! Remember to always live life to the fullest! It is always funner that way!

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This isn't a girly thing at all. Idk why people call this a "girly thing". It drives me insane. A lot of these "girly things" can be guy things too. So don't go around call it a 'girly thing' because it's not.

Perfectly happy doing nothing - just girly things

Perfectly happy doing nothing - just girly things. I say: "perfectly happy doing nothing and everything at the same time.