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The yellow plant is Golden Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechola macra 'Aureola'- one of my absolute favorite plants. Photo Allan Mandell.

Green is a whole range of color. It runs from the acidy, yellow-greens of the Japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’) above to the lush midgreens of the Hosta ‘Frances Williams’ at right to the dark, deep greens of lawn, trees, and shrubs.

Gorgeous Succulents

companion plants for succulents, flowers, gardening, succulents, Ivy geraniums let loose from hanging baskets via Gardening Gone Wild

cottage garden

Cottage garden - I wonder if there are semi-wild and easy care plants and flowers I could use to create a look like this. I don't do gardening. Plant it, water it, and I'm done.