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Marianthi Sianidou

Marianthi Sianidou
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Art Gallery: Salvador Dali Paintings

Vladimir Kush atlas of wander i painting for sale - Vladimir Kush atlas of wander i is handmade art reproduction; You can shop Vladimir Kush atlas of wander i painting on canvas or frame.

Dali- wow that is weird,can't stop looking at it!

Before Surrealism, there was the Dadaist movement which influenced Surrealism, and artists like Salvador Dali.

Futuristic Architecture, Skyscraper, Tower, Cyber City, Night City, amphibianArc / Wonder Mall

Futuristic Architecture- not really this is around right now in Eventually big brother will be force feeding us advertisements everywhere, day and night so the ultimate consumer will be the ultimate robot. I won't be alive thank God.