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an elegant dining room with marble tables and white chairs, glass shelves on the wall
黄全新作|浓缩巴蜀文化的售楼处设计_名师作品_室内设计联盟 - Powered by Discuz!
an empty room with tables and chairs in front of a television screen on the wall
Adidas Offices - Moscow | Office Snapshots
Adidas Offices - Moscow - Office Snapshots
the hallway is lined with intricate laser cut screens and lights on either side of the doors
Noir Presentation Centre | MNiD Inc. | Archello
NOIR PRESENTATION CENTRE Menkes's 87 Peter Street has been selected as a…
there are many wine bottles on the wall
This new house is lighting up the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles
This wine cellar has artistically designed bottle shelves.