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Dublin can be a very expensive city or it can be really cheap. There is so much free stuff to do in the city. It is choosing the best free things to do in Dublin that is difficult. Any recommendations for what to do in Dublin always seem to include Guinness Storehouse and the Book of Kells. With just...

Looking for things to do in Dublin on a budget? Tour guide Mark Doherty takes us on a tour of his home town for less than

The Pouring Nutella Cake

When your average chocolate cake won’t do, there’s always the Pouring Nutella Cake. The gravity-defying dessert was created by Leima from It’s A Piece of Cake.

Brie, Fruit spread on Crescent fold up and bake 350 degrees F on a lightly oiled cookie sheet for 25 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool for 10 minutes before serving. Enjoy with crackers or apples.

Baked Brie Crescent Roll Wrap, plus tons of other crescent roll recipes. Made with goat cheese brie and reduced fat crescent rolls, only needed 6 of the 8 in package, and ate with pecans and grapes, soooo good. Gonna be making this once a month minimum.