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Maria Stergiadou

Maria Stergiadou
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Ombre Glittered Seashell Ornaments - Martha Stewart Entertaining Crafts shells craft craft ---use colored pearls + colored beads in sea colors with matching paint for beach ornaments for Christmas tree

Work the Scroll Stitch

Scroll Stitch This beautiful surface embroidery stitch is worked by looping the thread under the needle as you stitch, creating a graceful scroll-like effect. It can mimic rippling water or waves when used in beach or water-themed embroidery projects.

Working the Back Stitch

The back stitch is a basic embroidery stitch used to produce a thin line of stitching, or to outline shapes that will be filled with satin stitch.: How to Work the Back StitchTips and Tricks for Back Stitch

DIY pillow?

Image via Stylish and Colorful Cushion Covers Image via cushion covers Image via Pattern Pillow Cover Image via Esme. crochet cushion cover - as featured in Vo