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LESSON 14: pretend to be a butterfly and suck up nectar (juice) from the flower through your proboscis (straw). (First Grade Shenanigans: Bugs on a Log)

I think this is the most fun way to wrap up a kindergarten butterfly unit ever. “The students used their butterfly proboscis (straw) to sip nectar (apple juice) from a flower” This would be perfect to do when you return from releasing butterflies!

Literacy Activity  This game is easy to make!! It has 4 simple steps.  1. Buy the bugs at Target for 1 dollar!!!  2. Print the WHO AM I cards.  3. Glue the completed WHO AM I cards to the back of the blank ones!  4. Have your students read and determine which bugs go with which clues!

Literacy Activity: determine which bug matches which clues. This game can be easily customized to make it easy or challenging by listing clues that match more than 1 bug in the pile and using process of elimination skills to narrow it down.