Marilou Vasilikaki

Marilou Vasilikaki

Art Is Anything You Can Get Away With!
Marilou Vasilikaki
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Some changes happen deep down inside of you. And the truth is only you know about it. Judy Blume I say, if that is so, then you behavior will change to show those changes.

Life is like an ocean of sand. It will always slip through your fingers and always slip away from you. There will, however, be a small part that stays in the palm of your hand. Be thankful for that.- love this. Can't wait to be on the beach

Matthew Williamson. Spring 2015

Womens Shoes for Summer 2017 / 2018 Matthew Williamson-I adore these but could never wear them for very long.

pink potion

Pink Fog Martini, Vanilla vodka(may use champagne and add vanilla dyrup) Cranberry juice heavy cream grenadine juice The effect of the smoke comes from dry ice which dissolves instantly.