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Περισσότερες ιδέες από το Maria
Turtle painted on river rocks.
Mini Galaxy Stone
How to make galaxy painted rocks // For more family resources visit :)
Para un cumpleaños especial #pokemon
Original hand painted rock art stone peacock aviary birds
Painted rock / rock painting / rock art / painted stones / adventure / up / balloons
Paint this as a picture?  Love the sky colors!
Moon painted on rock- starry night painting- paperweight rock- fantasy painted rock- moon and stars painted art - collectible rocks- gift
Decorate rocks with elegant landscape silhouettes drawn over the starry twilight sky! Simple rock painting technique that even kids can master.
Hand Painted Hummingbird Rock - a beautiful yellow and blue hummingbird painted in a stained-glass style on a natural smooth gray river stone . One of a kind unique hummingbird painting, perfect gift for the nature lover, gardening lover, humming bird or bird lover! Excellent for display, as an adorable addition to a planter as a garden totem, to or to keep on a desk or near bedside as a reminder of nature and beauty in ones life. ***Always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, hummingbirds…