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When Will Smith see's Allan again❤ I absolutely love the fact that he remembers the cameraman from Fresh Prince, my heart


Funny pictures about Amanda Seyfried Fainting On The Set Of Les Miserables. Oh, and cool pics about Amanda Seyfried Fainting On The Set Of Les Miserables. Also, Amanda Seyfried Fainting On The Set Of Les Miserables photos.

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The comments tho! Omg laughed so hard! lol 9 on an alphabetical scale

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Petition to track these people down and make a live action Polar Express. With Tom Hanks as the conductor.

The Memes Factory First Dates

Haha this is so true. Why don't boys do cool stuff like that on a first date? I mean for real high standards here men.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 58 Pics

More Bad Funny Wedding Pictures! Where do people come up with these photo ideas? Is it the The Bride & Groom? The wedding photographer?

Go Ellen. Donald Trump so roasted, he could pass of as a orange roast chicken.


buttcheekpalmkang: “ gay-babys-first-playboy: “ mohicaaa: “ 💀😂😂😂 ” OH SHIT ” Bruh.

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“ revyspite: “ bacardiandroses: “ a-tribe-called-tress: “This had me cackling 😂😂 ” awww she is so cute! ” Awwww ” Barbie better respect the damn culture!

That girl looks so much older with makeup!

oml from naturally beautiful to super natrual beautiful (makeup in general not just the flawless eyes)