Marikatia Poluxronakou

Marikatia Poluxronakou

Marikatia Poluxronakou
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Your Fate is in your Hands

What is Palmistry ? Palmistry is the ancient science and art of reading lines, size, shape of the hands and fingers. Palmistry has two Divisions the shape of the hand; and lines on the palm.

Zodiac and lunar cycle crystal grid, beautiful for any alter. Great idea for a DIY wood burned grid.

Beautiful crystal grid featuring one multi designed high quality bamboo wood, table top/altar decor. Included in this grid is a moon cycle, zodiac

Mad Stuff With Rob - DIY Moon Lamp | Room Decor Ideas - YouTube

Hey guys so I saw this really cool lamp at my friends place and loved it so much that later went online to check what the price of the lamp was.