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Parents needs to be friends first to their kids so that they can come to you first whenever they face some issues instead of going to some friends who will misguide them wrongly with their ill advice.

Teach Your Child To Read Tips - The teen years dont have to be hard! Start when your kids are young to set the foundation and raise awesome teens who talk to you! - TEACH YOUR CHILD TO READ and Enable Your Child to Become a Fast and Fluent Reader!

21 Questions to Ask Your Kids.  Great to gain insight on their perspective.  Can ask questions about Mommy or Daddy.  Might also be fun to save  see how the answers change over time -- if did this be sure to put child's age  the date.

21 Questions to ask your kids - You could ask these questions about Mommy and Daddy. Would be a cute thing to do each year (with each child, recording ages) maybe around mothers/fathers day to see how the kids (and parents) change and grow.