Dance is my religion...
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Covet Dance Watermarks do not appear on printed posters

Much thought and time went into creating this design which displays the science of dance. We have broken down all of the major dance elements into our own "dancey" version of the Periodic Table.

Tony x Steve

I'm guessing this is what would happen if the Avengers suddenly reverted to children. <<< Tony is already a child

It hurts I bet 99% of you won't repost only people with true feelings for him will repost

Harry crying in Ghaha gif :'( literally the saddest thing I've ever seen, want to die just by watching it, and I don't even know this boy


Licia Ronzulli, a member of European Parliament, has been taking her daughter to work with her as she attends sessions in the chamber. The MEP first took her daughter along when she was just a month old baby.