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This is by the graffiti artist GAB in the city of Leipzig, Germany. I live the 3 dimensional effect this piece takes on. I am a huge graffiti fan and the awe feeling it inspires to whomever views it.

"ECLOSION" / Limited edition: / Year: 2008 Another fantastic image by the great Eliseo Miciu

Love your beloved with the best that you can. #love #wedding

while she's enjoying her bath time, her lover is reading the book telling the story to her. How beautiful is it really that he have time to be with her and just enjoying reading to her. I think it is romance truly.


Black and White Stairs Photograph

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New York City, 1985 Ferdinando Scianna street photography, black & white window, tram train cart kids

San Francisco, 1960 by Henri Cartier Bresson

Picnic Basket in an odd location San Francisco, 1960 by Henri Cartier Bresson

The Little Prince, love it.  I know I'm not unique in this :)

It& the Little Prince& birthday - Man Repeller

The sadness In her eyes

Numero May Edita Vilkeviciute by Solve Sundsbo, Stripe shadows, yellow lipstick

nightslip - tumblr

Ferdinando Scianna, Sicily, Carmen Sammartin - Magnum Photos "Light lace traced upon her face"