- Nous pouvons changer tellement de choses ensemble. - Quoi par exemple ? - Le monde. - Et comment peut-on changer le monde ? - On verra bien. En attendant, c'est toi qui a changé mon monde.

Love you 👼 ❤️ camerondallas: I know I’ve been putting it off for a while…. But I’m officially taken. Love you 👼 *April Fools!

Istanbul-Turkey Istiklal Caddesi  http://istanbul.blog.hu/

A couple kissing in Taksim on iconical Istiklal street in Istanbul where a nostalgic tram brings passengers from one end of the famous street to another.

Good morning my love! Texting you this morning and I'm so glad! Still want to pin you good morning and I love you! I miss you!

φιλί ονειροκριτης φιλιά Oneirokriths

φιλί ονειροκριτης φιλιά Oneirokriths

ζευγάρι φιλί ρομαντικό

Young beautiful couple outdoor sensual portrait - buy this stock photo on Shutterstock & find other images.

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