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...Shoot me,it's got to e better than these feels

And thus I bring you the saddest poem in the known universe. Why the feels? My heart hurts :(

Texas in My Soul, Britain in My Heart - Page 1 of 23 (doctor who,9th doctor,10th doctor,11th doctor,bbc,british,christopher eccleston,david tennant,matt smith)

The one who introduced me to the Doctor. The one I fell in love with. The one who became my friend was my first Doctor, but 9 was why I watched to start, and I wouldn't say 11 is my best friend, but he did become a friend)

Love it! *internal scream*

What the ad says:Solar Syetm Lollipops. What I see: You've swallowed a planet! I love how every little innocent thing turns into a Doctor Who reference. Nah, I DEFINITELY love it.


thanks to DOCTOR WHO i am now afraid of playing copy cat, stone angels, and gas mask. the dark i was already afraid of.

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