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3 little birds

The birds im going to have flying from my feather, the tips of these birds wings are going to reflect the color of the feather. Im going to have each bird reflect a nephew, a sister, and my mother. So I will have a total of 8 birds.

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Photographer:Ryan Garrison Model:Cleo Wattenström Tattoo girls with tattoos girlswithtattoos hot sexy babe batman wifey goals boobs ink inked inkedgirls

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I can't help but think of the magic mirror from snow white. This is such a beautiful picture, she's sitting so delicately. And I like the tattoo a lot. I'd be tempted to put something IN the frame, but I also like it as just a frame.

Tree hand tattoo. Love the roots and the hollow.

Tattoo Inspired Hand Tree Hand may be one of the most visible part of the body to get tattoo. When I see a person with a fully occupied hand tattoo, I feel there are a lot more to discover on the… Continue Reading →

Men's Tattoo... I want it

Or get rid of the Binary Theme and Sara spelt as trees in a forest. I really love the nature theme. Really like the dense forest. I would reduce the shading cause that will blurr with time.