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a drawing of an alien head with a girl standing next to it and another creature in the background
Art of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
a drawing of people walking down a street with umbrellas on the ground and buildings in the background
a large group of people standing in front of a giant ship with propellers on it
two pictures of an old castle on top of a hill with clouds in the background
Rowlf - Aborted Hayao Miyazaki project
an aerial view of a plane flying over a city with lots of holes in the ground
А.Толстой. "Аэлита" (худ. И.Олейников)
А.Толстой. "Аэлита" (худ. И.Олейников): shaltay0boltay
an image of a large fish flying through the air with light coming from it's mouth
Mei to Koneko Basu
Comic Art, Weary
nausilaa at the valley of the wind
大島依提亜 on Twitter
this is an image of a map with animals and places to see in the land
Images Drawn for the Nausicaa Motion Picture ===== Released in March of 1984 - image boards, tapestries drawn for the opening, etc ===== Notes: Bird's-eye view of Pejite, the spaceship parasite city === (From bottom, clockwise& spiraling in) Melted Rock, Sentry, Pejite Settlement, Main Ship's Dome, Under construction, Airport, Sentry
a drawing of a man in armor holding a flag
Miyazaki - Kushana
an image of some kind of artwork that looks like it is going to be in the air
Period Drama Motif ===== The drawings Miyazaki accumulated between 1980-1982 formed the basis for the work of Nausicaa to Princess Mononoke; however, he added more science fiction elements to Nausicaa. ===== Sengoku Majo ===== Notes: While I was experimenting with sci-fi elements in the period setting, I decided that if there could be things flying through the sky then why not a broken-down giant robot in need of engine repairs?
an old painting with birds and other things on it's surface, in the style of ancient egyptian art
a drawing of a person standing in front of a machine
Shaun Tan Studio Ghibli poster