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18 ideias brilhantes para reciclar pneus velhos

Tires are a huge headache when it comes to waste management and recycling, but there are clever DIY ways that each of us can reuse and recycle them and save them from entering the environment or taking up space in our landfills. Most studies indicate that

House of Baby Piranha: We Play - Name Soup

Adaptable to move with children's learning. Name fishing! for toddlers to learn how to spell their name--could do with numbers, alphabet, or any combo that could be put in order.would be great to practice sight words as well.

45 DIY Tire Projects- How to Creatively Upcycle and Recycle Old Tires Into a New Life:

Ahead of us we have no less than 48 DIY Tire Projects meant to aid you and the ones around you deal with recycling old tires and upcycling them .