it's an Arabic Alphabet Table. Whenever I learn arabic, i'll be happy i pinned this

Arabic alphabet table

Image 27 - Chart of the letters of the Arabic alphabet showing the transcription…

.word meaning pronunciation

Adjectives in Arabic with pronunciation Adheem عظيم

Arabic Vocabulary Words for Numbers - Learn Arabic

Learn Arabic Vocabulary Lists for Months, Animals, and More!

Numbers in arabic language- for Amgad

Arabic Vocabulary Words for Professions - Learn Arabic

Russian Vocabulary Words for Professions - Learn Russian

Common Arabic language phrases. Learn to speak Arabic instantly with our Arabic Phrasebooks!

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Describe emotions is very important when you learn any language. Learn it in Arabic.

4 Tips for Learning Any Foreign Language Faster

Speak Arabic

how to speak arabic

OMNIGLOT- great encyclopedia for written languages

the beautiful language

Arabic interrogative words

Arabic useful words.

Arabic Swear Words

Arabic Swear Words - do you know what an Arabic speaker is saying to you? We usually assume the worst when it's not.

Arabic Vocabulary Words for Anatomy - Learn Arabic

Learn to Speak and Understand Arabic Like a Native, While Cutting Your Learning…


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Learning Arabic online is perhaps the most flexible way to tackling this complex language.

Basic Arabic Greetings and Words - Learn Arabic

With this basic Arabic greetings and words list, my trip to Dubai will be much more easier. People will feel astonished if they hear that I can speak Arabic.

Arabic Words for Times of the Day

Learn Arabic Vocabulary Words for Greetings, Family, and More!