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the doll is wearing a pink dress with black bows on it's head and hair
five dolls are lined up against a wall
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a close up of a doll with green hair and pink eyeliners on it's face
a doll with pink hair wearing a red dress and hat
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Stella Savannah
a doll with pink hair and blue eyes wearing a yellow flowered dress against a white wall
Dainty Biscuit
a doll is standing in front of a toy kitchen
Baking baking and more baking
Baking Blythe
a doll in a box with a bow on it's head and an image of a
two pictures of a doll with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a green top hat
neo blythe
a doll with pink hair wearing a leopard print coat
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#pink. #leopard. #blythe.
a doll with red hair and blue eyes standing next to another doll in a circus tent
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circus blythe :)
the doll is dressed in black and has two pairs of scissors on her feet,
@nai Blythes
Edward scissorhands Blythe!!!!
a doll with glasses and a pink bow standing next to a small dog
ADAD 2011 55/365 deery
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a doll with red hair wearing a blue dress and a yellow crown on her head
Lady Tippytoes Snicklefritz
Kylies creations. AMAZING.